Virtual & Automatic Reception (VAR)


In order to increase the capacity of our Healthcare System, we need to limit the amount of repetitive and risk full tasks of our Healthcare Workers. This will free up resources in order to use these skilled resources for more crucial operations.

By combining collaborative robots and augmented reality we can create a safe and efficient reception for potential patients. This (mobile) booth can be deployed in hospitals or on public locations. This booth can receive new patients or can be used for an initial triage (determination of priority treatment).

Virtual instructions (projector) in combination with a smart sensor (3D sensor) will welcome and interact with the person. This will be contactless as the 3D sensor can detect gestures.
Additionally, an automated system or a collaborative robot can distribute physical goods like surgical masks, medicines or virus tests.

Main advantages:
• Increased healthcare capacity by eliminating repetitive tasks (24/7)
• Reduction of human errors
• Less risk of infection (contactless due to sensors)
• Digital footprint (traceability)
• Mobile

Existing technologies will be combined, so a fast deployment is realistic.

Demo video Youtube:

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