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What is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)?

Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), popularly known as Industrial Internet in a factory environment can be depicted as the use of advanced data analytics in industries where machine to machine (M2M) learning helps improve the operations in a factory. By the use of sensors and smart technology interconnected machines can learn, monitor, and analyze valuable data collected. Interconnected machines continuously learn and start to make independent decisions without any human intervention, hence faster decision-making in factories. Could the use of artificial intelligence in manufacturing eliminate human labour?

IIOT is the future of industrialization. Today, a machine can detect a corroded oil and gas pipeline, an operation which could take humans months to do it physically. Ideally, researchers depict Industrial AI as the next big thing. It is without doubt that IIOT is bringing an unrivaled level of productivity, efficiency, and performance. Companies in oil and gas, aviation, basic utilities, power generation, manufacturing, and many others are now rushing to implement industry 4.0 after experiencing financial profits and transformation in companies operations.

For example, the players in the banking sector have been investing millions of dollars for digital transformation i.e. adoption of Blockchain technology. The players in the manufacturing sector have not been left behind. The European market for IIOT have been growing rapidly. Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands lead in the adoption of IIOT in Europe. According to IDC Corporate USA, production automation, manufacturing operations, and freight monitoring continued to experience positive growth of 5.2%, 5.6%, and 4.7% respectively despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

Importance of IIOT in a factory environment.

The implementation of IIOT in a factory environment could be the wisest decision to make especially for a factory management in the 21st century. IIOT comes with numerous merits such that the demerits can’t stand out.

IIOT is improving the accuracy and enhancing faster production in factories. It helps save more and ensure that humans' operation risk is reduced. To be precise, IIOT will save factories millions of dollars. Factories can in turn invest more in research, development, and innovation.

Internet of Things (IOT) Vs Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT).

IIOT and IOT are interrelated, but there is a huge difference between the two. IIOT uses sensors and automation to help improve the efficiency in the industrial processes. IOT is used to help make human life easier for example; smart homes and smart watches.

Who is adopting IIOT?

The adoption of IIOT haven’t been that simple as everyone could think. There are some predefined setbacks which need to be addressed. Currently the adoption of IIOT has widely been done by the large companies. Small and Medium Sized companies are still crippling in the adoption of IIOT.

IIOT and Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing and Industrial Internet of Things are interdependent. Most, if not all IIOT applications will depend on cloud computing especially for data storage. Ideally, big data analytics is an essential tool in the success of IIOT. Currently, Amazon provides AWS IIOT services, Microsoft provides Azure IIOT hub, and Google provides Google Cloud IIOT services.

IIOT and Security Threats.

The fact that machines are connected to the internet gives room for cyber-attacks. Hackers will always try to take control of the operationally of the connected devices. Like IOT, which have come into sharp criticism over the ever emerging network loopholes which allows hackers to penetrate. IIOT should expect nothing short of this, and therefore preparedness to handle the cyber-attack threats should be the major focus at the moment.

To wrap up, we have delved deep to try to understand what is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT). As a matter of fact, IIOT brings more merits than demerits. However, experts need to be cautious of the security threat they could be poised to. Remember prevention is better than cure.

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